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Chris Evans

Discipline: White Water and Canoe but Sea is slowly catching up…..

Class: Coach and creeker!

Hometown: Kingston Upon Thames

Living Now: Clwt Y Bont (near Llanberis)

Current Boats: We No Nah prospector 16 (possibly my favorite boat), Lettmann Granate (XL, the proper size), Axiom 9, Liquid logic Gus (Cheers Millsy), Down Time whisper, some random squirt boat from the 70’s (I swapped a mountain bike helmet for it), a battered old slalom boat.

Shaft of choice ( straight or bent ): Bendy all the way!

Big volume or tight and technical: Don’t mind, so long as I can get my paddle in the water….

Favourite Paddling Spot: For freestyle is has to be Shepperton weir on the Thames, for sinking its probably Chertsey weir, again, on the Thames. In the UK, it’s between the Nevis in Scotland or the Fairy Glen here in North Wales. Best river ever has to be Tule river in California, it’s a big ol river that has everything, drops, slides and a boulder garden!

Achievements: Level Five white water coach, Level four Canoe, GB squad twice for squirt boating

What’s Next... Ambitions / Plans: Finish off the British Canoeing Level four scheme (diploma in performance coaching) and start the masters programme. More importantly, more boating and more holidays……

Best things about paddling: The places you can go and the people you meet.

Best Boating Moment: That feeling of controlled flow. Doesn’t matter, where or what boat..

Worst Boating Moment: Breaking my nose on Maruia falls in New Zealand

Other Hobbies: Biking (Road, Mountain or Jump), playing guitar (badly)

Ultimate Worldwide Destination: Not sure yet as I haven’t been to all the places I’d like to…..

Favourite Stuff: Food: Either chili or fish curry

Drink: Coffee

Music: Anything so long as it’s not Jazz or Dub Step

Movie: The Big Lebowski

Read: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Hero’s: I have lots. Mum and Dad, my younger brother Rich (best new father I’ve seen), Shaun Baker, EJ, Pete Catterall, Sid Sinfield, Lara and Doug Cooper, Steve Macdonald, Loel Collins and Spike Green. The paddlers and coaches mentioned here have endless amounts of enthusiasm for both paddle-sports and coaching. I’ve also become full of admiration for two well-known cyclists that have had life changing crashes. Both Martin Ashton and Scotty Cranmer were the best in the world for trials biking and BMX respectively. Both sustained injuries that have changed their lives, both have ridden since their crashes however seeing the hard nature of adapting and the prospect of everything changing strikes me as unimaginably tough. These two are full of life, grateful to be around their sports still and their new outlooks are inspirational. 

Villans: Heath Ledger as the joker was brilliantly acted.